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California Repossession Laws

For residents of the state of California, we have created a complimentary resource with all relevant repossession information. You will find such information included below.

For a repossession in the state of California, security interests need to be shown on pink slip or title held by the lienholder. Also, license plates need to remain with the vehicle, and recovery is only permitted if there is not a disturbance in peace. For license registration information, contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles at (916) 657-7669. An affidavit of repossession, title, lien satisfied, bill of sale, current registration and smog certificate are also required for the liquidation to take place.

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SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on Certificate of Ownership (Pink Slip) or Title held by the lien holder.
LICENSE REGISTRATION: California Department of Motor Vehicles, Post Office Box 942869, Sacramento, California 94269-0000. Tel: (916) 657-7669.
RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, California repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace.
DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Title, lien satisfied, affidavit of repossession, bill of sale, current registration card and smog certificate.
PLATES: Remain with the vehicle.

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